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We{re here in Tlapa doing well, traveling around seeing people, hiking, and making preparations for Christmas. It{s been great so far. We{ll stay here until Sunday, then back to Mexico City on another overnight bus where we{ll be tourists for a few more days before heading home. I{ll hope to write more later, perhaps from a keyboard where I can find the apostrophe key!

Off to Mexico

Off to Mexico! The family and I are heading off to visit my sister Neela in Mexico for Christmas. Should be a blast! (Pero tengo que practicar mi espanol! Oy!)

Alysa and I drove down to Oregon already. From here, we take the commuter train to the airport, the plane from PDX, through LAX, and on to Mexico City. Then, we'll take the overnight bus from Mexico City to Tlapa. By which time we'll round out our modes-of-transportation-tour by giving each other piggy-back rides and attempting to ride a unicycle. ;-)

Email to [redacted] should reach me once or twice during the trip, and I'll try to update the site with our progress as I get time and am able. In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all and see you on New Years!

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