Makes All Stops

Adventures by C, K, A, and M

Hockey, Anyone?

How do I look?
Then we came inside and made my hair stand up

Water Tables

They have these fun tables at the aquarium where water runs downhill and you can build channels and send boats through. Connor loves it.

water tables
Who's driving these boats?

Then, we came home and picked a yummy tomato.

red and green
One of them is ripe, anyway.

After that, Connor looked for Mom to get home on the bike.

standing on the bench
I can see you!

Airplane Truck Tower

Connor's latest favorite thing to build is a structure like this. It's an "airplane truck tower".

airplane truck tower
Lego Guy gets to ride on top


Hey guys, did you know there's a lot of sand here?
These rocks are easier to walk on
Look at this neat cave!
Walking in the sand gets tiring after a while


Connor and I made a pie. Connor liked stirring this pot, but he liked eating the extra strawberries even more.

Do we get to eat it yet?

Going to the Aquarium

That way
It's that way, Dad
These flowers probably have a name, but I'll just call them "Orange"
These jellies look like upside-down starbases from The Next Generation
At least he was happy while getting eaten by a giant Shark

Brown Field

This field has come full-circle, turing brown again the way it was when we moved here.

brown field
Not much growing here now
brown field
The trail is pretty brown too
new exhibit
Pumping Water

They have a new exhibit at the aquarium where you explore clean energy sources. One of them has a bunch of mechanical ways to pump water around a little fountain, including this seesaw.

Wandering around in the water channels

Here I am exploring the water channels which run behind our place.

Walking in the Channels

Hi There!

Looking for the Trucks

looking for the garbage truck
Looking for the Garbage Truck

Connor really loves to watch big trucks go by. The garbage truck comes and makes lots of noise and he loves to stare at it, mesmerized.

Then, for the rest of the day he wants to make the "garbage truck sound", which involves saying "mmmmMMMMMMMmm" and increasing both the emphasis and the volume mid-way through, then falling off at the end.


We took a trip to the zoo. Alysa had Friday off, so we were able to go when the crowds were (slightly) smaller.

looking at flamingos
Connor and Mom, looking at flamingos
looking at flamingos
Can I climb in?
looking at bears
The Polar Bear's in there
sitting on the bears
These bears look a bit like the T1000 in Terminator 2
I think Connor took this picture

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