What's going on here?

By April 24, 2011 1:31PM [link]

What's going on here and where is the old blog? First of all, the old blog still exists, you probably just stumbled over here by mistake. Click back over there and everything will be right with the world again.

But what's going on here? I spent a large portion of my time at Cisco writing. Emails. Specs. Documentation. Notes on the bathroom wall. That kind of thing. Since leaving Cisco I haven't been writing nearly as much as before. And I miss it. So I'm going to try to write some geeky things here every now and then as a form of practice. I like practice.

Will it be interesting? Probably not. Will it be frequent? Probably not! I've got a full time job as a stay at home Dad and a part time job as a mobile app developer. So that doesn't leave much time for writing geeky blog posts that no one's going to read. But I'll try to write a post or two occasionally when I can.

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